Interesting moves by India and US on Trade Facilitation Agreement

While it is indeed something that the developing nations, especially the emerging markets, would be interested to take notice of, India’s policies on trade has long been thorns for the US. It was not the first time that India had attempted and blocked an international trade deal; it had over the past few decades, on various occasions, done so for the sake of protecting and safeguarding its own and its fraternity’s interests. It had to form lobbies and blocs consisting of various developing and erstwhile developing nations. This was however the first time when India was a lone opposer for the Agreement, and quite justifiably so. On the other hand, the toning down of terms by the US and its subsequent support for India’s demands are also worth noting. In the coming days, it would be even more worthwhile to see how the conflicting positions in interests of India and the US take shape in the form of the TFA.